As a kickoff to KAS debut to the Miami market, we collaborated with Italian furniture producer, HENGE, to showcase a Karen Asprea Studio design using their exclusive material bank and custom furniture and objets. We hosted an event at the Solesdi Showroom in Miami’s Design District with an exclusive guest list of industry professional.

“In designing any space, nature is the first point of inspiration to my designs. We, and the materials we use to build from, are of the earth and will eventually go back into the earth, so it’s very important to me that we use natural and organic materials. Our debut party fell on the Autumnal Equinox, and so we drew inspiration from the ideas of balance between day and night, or sun and moon. Designing with naturally occurring elements brings the opportunity to define an organic environment that will evolve and change with age as my clients live their ever changing lives within these environments.”

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